Sep 20, 2016
ProfaneValkyrie (All reviews)
This is an AMV for the song YumeYume made by Miku(Vocaloid) and DECO*27.

I most be honest, I am not that big fan of Miku and I was bored halfway through the AMV, but then something happened, the genius of DECO*27. He always delivers a emotional touching story/visual/lyric which works in its simplicity just like Light Lag and Aimai Energy.

In other words there was a plottwist which turned the story of the AMV upside down and therefore lifting it on a higher level.

This is an AMV about being alone, about dreams and hope.
You will never be alone, why? Because you have yourself.
It is hard to reach your dreams and keep your hope up? Well start getting motivated by yourself ^^
Our best friend and greatest strength is our self ^^
that is what I think this AMV is about, but it can be interpreted in many ways :3