Sep 19, 2016
ProfaneValkyrie (All reviews)
Duly note that this is an AMV.

Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas, performing the song, is the same group which have made the opening for Parasyte the maxim, and this song is very much like it.
If those who do not know the opening, the song is a very heavy electronic manly J-pop genre with heavy rock/screamo elements which is special, but I think that they are good at balancing those two genres.

For me there exists two kinds of AMVs.
- AMVs with a plot and where the music compliments the video/visuals
- AMVs with little or no plot and with a strong focus on the visuals to compliment the music which is in the mainfocus.
For me this AMV belongs to the last category being a real eyecandy with creative design, great fluidity and a song which doesn´t make that much sense without the music.

For me this was a very good average standard AMV, the only complain/mystery being why is the people blue with orange noses? O.o they reminded me of some kind of blue snowmen XD

That being said this AMV´main focus is on the music so this is only good if you like the music ^^