Sep 19, 2016
Jokuc (All reviews)
Unlike other Naruto Special/OVA episodes that feel kind of slow, this one moves at a nice pace. The Cross Roads managed to keep me interested all the way through and I was very happy to see that it's pretty much like a normal episode... Except for the art. This one is not animated like your typical Naruto episode. It has somewhat of a 3D-ish style to it. Although I'm usually not that big of a fan of this style, I thought it looked decent and it wasn't much of a problem when you got into the action.

I had only a few issues with The Cross Roads. For example, it had a cheap way of getting the story where it needed to go, but I guess it's unfair to expect much else from a 26 minute episode. Also, there were a couple of things that did not make any sense. All in all, I think this episode was pretty enjoyable. More so than many fillers in the anime itself.