Sep 19, 2016
FarrelSal (All reviews)
Rezero is easily the most popular anime of Spring 2016, it’s your typical isekai anime but it comes with a twist, that twist being that it has a time travelling aspect. Yup, an anime that’s involving time travelling, nothing could possibly go wrong riiiiight?

So what makes this show so popular? Well, the story follows a guy named Subaru who got randomly teleported into another world, why does he get teleported into another world? Who knows, its magic. Funnily enough he acts as if teleporting into another world is a completely normal thing to happen, he didn’t give a single shit on why he got teleported into another world and instead tries to be this genre savvy character where he acts pretty self-aware of what’s going on. From there we meet our 1st waifu bait, Emillia. Without any knowledge of what’s going on, Subaru decided to help Emillia, and by doing that we finally encountered this show’s twist, that twist being that Subaru has the ability to go back in time every single time he died, basically, he’s invisible, This is probably the worst thing you can give to a character.

By giving a character an ability to basically redo everything till he gets it right basically kills any potential suspense that this show could of have since Subaru actions literally have no consequences because he can just redo everything and try to do things right. And I know what some of you are thinking right now “Bb-but Farrel! If you keep dying constantly it will result a psychological damage thus making you depressed and that’s what makes Subaru so “Realistic”. Pft yeah right, the psychological strain is just melodrama that gets out of its way with the power of friendship (Or with the power of a Lap pillow LOL). His mood swings are so quick that it is hardly believable, forget about realistic. He has a breakdown, then it's resolved within an episode or two. Constantly doing that makes the consequences feel tame and do not have impact because they constantly has not well executed breakdowns then resolves them with just as bad execution.

I think that the people who considered Subaru as a “Realistic character” is referring to the fact that Subaru is a completely useless character and that makes at least 90% of the people who watch rezero easier to self-insert themselves because it’s relatable to them.

Okay enough with Subaru, let’s move on to the more crucial problem that this anime had, that being the storyline. Rezero’s setting is entirely reliant on the supernatural power, that being the teleportation. What was it that triggered Subaru's transportation? Why Subaru of all people? Of course it didn’t get explained, are you really expecting a show where the author does whatever he asspulls every 5 minutes to give us a logical explanation? Lol, keep dreaming.

>inb4 someone tries to justify it by saying “It’s all explained in the Novel!! xDD”
Sorry, but saying that “It’s explained in the novel” Is not a valid argument. You should understand that we’re not talking about the novel here. The light novel and the anime are two completely different entities as they should be. A novel is not to an anime what a guide or a manual is to a videogame, so please dont try to justify how shit this anime is by saying that all explained in the source material.

Another problem that this show suffers is they rely on shock factor to make this show more “Interesting”. If we take a look at the early episodes, it took Subaru MORE THAN 2 TIMES to figure out that he has the ability to travel back in time. It’s quite ironic how they show Subaru as this genre savvy character in the 1st episode, where he’s pretty self-aware that he’s being teleported into another world, but it took him that much time to realize that he’s stuck in a loop.

Of course they are doing this just to show us that this show is edgy, they torture Subaru so that the people have the impression that this show is dark when it is not. I’m sorry but adding torture to your main character every episode in a whole arc with no actual story progression or content does not equal a good subversion. And they didn’t stop there, they have to torture Subaru again in the later episode where one of the maids has a suspicion on Subaru, and then guess what Rem did? That’s right, She kills him. If one is suspicious, wouldn’t any individual go ahead and try and reinforce those suspicions with facts and an ounce of sense, things which they have garnered throughout an investigation? Of course that’s not what rem did, but instead, she kills him. Oh wow, what a dark show we have here everyone.

If you don’t do anything more than killing or torturing characters, it will get boring very fast because the audience will get over the initial shock, and eventually get used to it. Plus, we know that Subaru is not going to literally die anyway, so why do we even care at this point?

Another thing that’s quite ironic about this show is that the author said that he wants to critique the whole isekai genre, but he doesn’t do that at all. Infact he did the complete opposite, he basically did everything that he wants to “Critique”.

In conclusion, rezero is nothing different from any other generic light novel adaptations out there, it tries to be something different, but fails miserably. The show is relying entirely on the plot convenience and cheap ass shock factor to get the story in motion . All the characters can be summed up in a word; they're cliche and the story hasn't utilised anything or even the time reset aspect, it's more a way for the story to get to point a to point b faster than anything. The setting is dry bland and bleak as ever. I won’t recommend this show to anyone unless you’re one of those people that are easily impressed by some cheap ass shock factor and a premise that’s too reliant on constant plot twists in order to keep the viewer seated.