Sep 17, 2016
TravisBickle (All reviews)
I can't remember the last thing that moved this much and still left me thinking about it after finishing it. I feel moodier, more emotional, I feel like somebody I know died or I broke up with my girlfriend, I'm left feeling depressed.

I feel like my perspective has changed, my opinions have changed, my life has changed because of this manga. Isn't that the best thing you can say about a piece of art? That it genuinely moved you so much that your feel your life has changed because of it?

I don't know if it will do that for everyone, it ticked all the right boxes for me. Probably because I identify with Punpun so much. I've pined for my own version of Aiko, I've been left confused and unsure of what to with my life once I reached adulthood, and like Punpun, at times I've felt smaller and dumber than those around me.

This manga explores so many themes its hard to list all of them, but what I mostly got from it is isolation and depression. This ties into what I meant by being smaller than everyone else, not physically, rather metaphorically, like Punpun is. Punpun's size and birdlike figure might be a gimmick to draw readers in, but it is such a wonderful representation of how it feels to be different, isolated, lesser.

The themes are plentiful, and so are the great characters. Everyone is fleshed out and feels human. There is an arc in particular, "the mother arc" that is truly beautiful and devastating at the same time.

The art is fantastic, I found myself slowing down so I can suck in the artistry.

I'm going to be re-reading this one again and again.