Sep 15, 2016
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Some anime aren't for everyone.

There are people who really can't stand sports anime. For others fanservice is a turnoff. Some people think that psychological works are too confusing and full of themselves.

And you know what? That's perfectly fine. Everyone has different taste - that's why we have so many different genres and mediums for entertainment. I'm never going to tell someone their taste is bad.

Unless, of course, they don't like Bananya.

You see, Bananya is a universally appealing anime - as in, if you see a slice-of-life comedy about adorable cat banana friends going on adventures, finding love, and chasing their dreams not appealing to you, you are literally Hitler.

Every single week, Bananya manages to make the best of its three minutes by not just focusing on its cuteness factor, but having a coherent storyline and character development as well. Yes, Bananya can do in three minutes every week what overhyped action anime aimed at adults can't manage to do in 23.

After eleven episodes, I feel like I've become part of a new family. A family of bananyas.

Not only is Bananya entertaining, it's soothing. If you're having a bad day, simply turn on your anime-watching device of choice and watch cat-banana adventures. Even though it's a kids' show, it doesn't feel like it's dumbed down or talking down to an older audience at all, and has some jokes that will get more of a laugh out of an older audience (such as a cat being called the "Madonnya of Bananyas" - BTW she's also the best girl of the season).

In conclusion, you have absolutely nothing to lose by watching Bananya. In the time you took to read my crappy review, you could have watched your first episode of Bananya and began your life-altering journey into bananya-hood.