Sep 13, 2016
TravisBickle (All reviews)
If you're looking for an anime that is intelligently written, has realistic characters, and none of the pitfalls of modern anime, then this is the one you want to watch.

Shinsekai Yori is one of the most well written anime's I've seen thus far, and that's probably because it is based on an award winning novel. I chose to watch this show because recently I've been searching for well written anime, stuff that I could show anybody without explaining, "it's anime, just go with it." This one had nothing I would need to explain to an outsider. No fan-service, forced comedy bits, or melodrama.

You have to give the first five episodes a shot before the plot starts moving, but it's never a dull watch. Early into the show, the animation is gorgeous, the music is hypnotizing, and the world building is always interesting. Later on the animation goes down in quality a lot (most likely because of budgetary reasons) but the narrative becomes tighter and more engaging.

The story follows a group of characters from childhood to adulthood, it's epic in it's scope and imagination. It's themes will make you think about sexuality, racism, classism, and how illegitimate the fantasy of a good or bad sides are. In Shinsekai Yori, there is no good or bad. There are two warring factions that both have major pitfalls.

Finally, this story has great character development, which is especially the case for Squealer, who is so interesting he reminded me of a Shakespearean character.

Everything isn't perfect. There are moments in which the writing falls flat. Things just happen or the characters have revelations, but instead of showing us, they just tell us after the fact. I'm sure those elements were more fleshed out in the novel, but it the show it felt like they will pulling solutions out of their ass sometimes. Also sometimes it is far too exposition heavy for my liking.

8/10....this is a much watch for anybody who considers anime to be a lesser medium.