Sep 13, 2016
xylk (All reviews)
(Do note that despite only having watched a single episode at the release of this review, I have read the manga up to date, and can affirm that the series isnt too faithful to the manga, probably due the lack of allocated episodes. Nonetheless, I do wish to give my best attempt at a decent review, with minimum spoilers as possible! Thank you! :)

Remember the Disney films you watched in your adolescence? That youthful charm of curiosity and fresh budding imagination made you awe at the simple magic potrayed in those animations. How they would soar above the night skies of britain and charmingly adorable talking animals. Past that age, we all fall into the abyss of reality, and start to neglect those childish desires. For all, I would reccomend Mahou Tuskai no Yume, to relive those cherised moments of innocence and be carrassed by waves of nostalgia.

Story: 10
(One might wish to note that the story in the OVA deviates slightly from the manga)
The story revolves about a seemingly aloof girl named Chise, and her adaption towards the seemingly anew yet wonderous fantasy side of the world. Coupled with her guardian, or husband Elias, the plot depicts their involvement with magic, the joys it brings and the misfortunes aa well. Magical terminologies are widespread in the anime and manga, and you will soon notice some charming similarities from the fantasy genre novels you read, or old bed time tales passed down through your traditions to come. Certainly, it makes for an appleasing appeal to the widespread audience.

Art: 8
The artstyle of this anime is fairly typical, and does not deviate far from its parent manga. However, it is neither innovating or inspiring and yet, I personally found the simple art to be a charm of its rustic and serene atmosphere itself. Considering it to be an just an OVA, the production quality is surprisingly outstanding

Characters: 10
I really love the character development, and the effort made here. Just into the first episide, theres already incredible depth given to our main character, Chise. Theres little characters in the series, and the main focus revolves solely on Chise and Elias. Yet, it manages to craft a hauntingly beautiful story between them, and really breaths life and personalities into them.

Sound: 8
Remember the alluring Disney songs you heard from young, those enchanting combinations of notes that mellows your heart and soul. The OST used here are similar as such, simply tantalising.

Overall, Mahou Tsukai mo Yume proved to be a great anime, and its such a shame to be only of 3 episodes in length. It has much potential, and I, midn the cliche, do wish upon a star that there will be a actaul series.