Sep 11, 2016
DarknessX701 (All reviews)
Having this be my first review you probably shouldn't take anything I say to strongly due to my lack of experience. However, I didn't think this anime was that bad compared to what others say.

I gave the story a 1 because this anime really doesn't have a story. But I would exempt this anime from this category merely because It is one of those anime that focus on trying to push in comedy.

I gave the art a 5 due to the fact that it isn't the best art that I've seen, but it also isn't the worst. I admit that the art is pretty bad for what could be done at the time, but it's art kind of make it unique in some regard.

I gave the sound a 5 because it didn't really stand out from my perspective but it also didn't not fit the anime.

I gave the character a 1 because the characters had no development whatsoever. However I think this anime should be exempt from this category as well due to the fact that it is not the type of anime that would focus on developing characters. and if it were the episodes would have been a bit longer and some of the comedy would have been cut.

I gave the enjoyment factor a 7 just because it doesn't take a lot to impress me. The anime wasn't the best thing ever but it was still enjoyable which is a category which some anime fail to achieve.

Overall I gave the anime a 5 due to it being an good yet not outstanding anime with average scores all around for me. However I feel that this anime is a hit for some or a miss for many more. I wouldn't stay away from this like some reviews say, but this anime isn't outstanding. Please don't take this review to seriously though because I have no experience reviewing anime whatsoever. Thanks for reading.