Sep 11, 2016
Flevalt (All reviews)
Straightforward to what this manga offers/doesn't offer:

- MC: The main character is your stereotypical whiny girl that can't do anything by herself and cries instead of taking action. She can't stand seeing others get hurt or hurt anyone herself.

- Story: Similar to the author's other work, it's about Mahou Shoujos, also known as Magical Girls, once again. This time, however, from the viewpoint of the Mahou Shoujos.
Similar to their other work, the story of this one also moves at a fast pace. It doesn't overwhelm with a too complex story and instead focuses on creating opportunities for the characters to shine with what they're good at, showing tits, ass, making facial expressions and dying. The last of which is often replaced by bleeding out or being heavily wounded in general, since each character's death also means one cute loli less for the audience to anatomically inspect with utmost thoroughness.
And, well, it just so happens that giving mentally unstable, mistreated girls super powers creates these wanted opportunities.

- Comedy: As is typical for mangas with strongly over-the-top drama and brutality, a lot of scenes tend to take on a comedic nature, whether it be intended or not. Mahou Shoujo Site has this peculiar characteristic as well and it executes these specific scenes mostly with the help of characters whose sole purpose it is to deliver these scenes by being extraordinarily cruel. The protagonist's brother is one of these chosen characters and he does a quite good job at being an evil sadist that constantly tries to make others suffer. To see "Onii-chan" make many of the annoying characters within the story (including the MC) have a hard time is pretty much the highlight of this manga.

To summarize: The manga offers lolis getting slaughtered and getting drenched, it also offers 1 likeable yet completely sadistic character and although it tries it's best to create a story and doesn't do completely horrible at it, the plot still turns out completely negligible and is overshadowed by several better reasons to either enjoy this work or to throw it into the trash can depending on your taste.