Sep 11, 2016
PlumAppleJuice (All reviews)
(If you're looking for a show with quality graphics, an interesting fantasy aspect, a deep story, then this is for you. Please note, this review is more of my first impression since it just came out today.)

● Story: The story is great. It starts differently than most shows I have watched myself. Instead of starting of with the main characters sad sub-plot, they do some character development and put it later in the episode. I like all the magical being floating around and what not and it feels like a Studio Ghibi film.

● Art: The art is outstanding. The animation has style and you can tell they really put some money into this. The backgrounds are mesmerizing. It's been a while since I have seen something like it.

● Sound: The sound is outstanding! The music is beautiful and cinematic. There's no opening or ending visuals + sounds like other animes. Instead, it's spent giving the anime overall more screen time. Although, throughout you ears are delighted with music that really fits the settings completely.

● Character: The characters are very good. Although, since the anime starts off suddenly you have to figure out to everyone is. But that's not a bad thing. I don't see any prominent character tropes, thankfully.

● Enjoyment: My enjoyment of the anime was outstanding! It's beautiful, has nice characters, a sweet plot (so far) and I love it. I rarely have an anime impact me in a way. I can't wait for more!

That's all. I'll update this review as more episodes come out! I recommend you check it out though.