Sep 10, 2016
Yveni_ (All reviews)
I personally don't mind the old school art but the characters are honestly just annoying af. Everybody is contradicting themselves constantly, nobody is likeable, it's Inuyasha triangle all over again (gender bendered). The character I guess you suppose you should hate it actually the one I like. Maeko stands to her words, is loyal, dedicated and headstrong. She won't back down no matter how many people get in her way and she's the complete opposite of the MC who's weak, caring, motherly, but whimsical and irresponsible for her actions.
The child is cute but overall very spoiled and selfish and just wants to couple up his motherly replacement with his brother without thinking about their feelings even once.
The male characters don't really honour the bro-code either, it feels like you're watching a soap version of Yoko Ono and the Beatles, triangle version.