i saw there was no reviews for this so i wanted to share what i thought of this long named hentai.

the story is about... some well respected girl who has a hidden obsession with you guessed it... sex yay, then some guy comes along and i guess black mails her into unleashing her nymphomania to the school
i guess the story isn't that bad i'm just bored of the highly respected females actually being sex crazed psychos so i would give it a 6/10

the art is pretty good so its a 8/10

the sound was actually ok y'know like she talked dirty which is always a pleasure to hear and her moans were fine for a aheago so it gets a 9/10

the characters... the 2 characters that they probably given a name were completely fine, the girl sorta reminded me of nico from love live aha so i give it a 9/1

i enjoyed this a lot since it wasn't complete rape since she did like sex so it deserves a 9/10 for enjoyment