Sep 6, 2016
LIQfilms (All reviews)
As a filthy cave dwelling otaku male I do enjoy the physique of a woman, and anime, as a medium, is choke full of scantily dressed women in any manner of undress you could possibly want. However, Abunai Sisters is so terrifying that I never want to see a pair of breasts for as long as I live.

This show is not just bad, but offensively bad. Everything from the animation to the music to the voice acting is awful. I've been watching anime for the best part of four years now and I've come across a lot of crap but I think this show takes the cake for the absolute worst anime I have ever seen and maybe the worst piece of media I have ever consumed too. Even worse than every single Nicki Minaj song...yeah we've sunk THAT low.

Produced by Production I-G, the same studio that brought us anime such as 'Ghost in the Shell' and 'Cromartie High School' brings us Abunai Sisters, a show in which two sisters named Whore 1 and Whore 2 solve various crimes and the such...I think. I mean, I get they're supposed to be detectives or secret agents or something stupid along those lines but everything is so nonsensical that it's hard to tell what is going on half the time. The entire show is made in 3-D which is some of the worst 3-D animation I have ever seen. The character models look like shit and everything feels clunky. The voices were unbearable and every time I heard them speak, it felt like a chipmunk was put into a blender. If I ever have to hear the opening scream"AUUUBANIIII SISTERRRS!!" ever again I think I'll blow my brains out.

The fan-service is terrible and comes across more so terrifying if anything else. The boobs are constantly bouncing for no reason and simply look like three basketballs lined up next to each other. Every single joke is a reference to how 'sexy' they are or about their rather large breasts which come across as distasteful since the designs are so unappealing. Imagine if a ninety-year-old woman was trying to parade her body around for you, believing she is sexy, and you essentially have the fan-service of this show: Awkward and uncomfortable. This terrible attempt at titillation and enticement of male viewership is pathetic and if someone actually becomes aroused at the sight of these women you need to get to a strip club at the next possible convenience.

This anime is AWFUL. Terrible narrative, boring characters who are just there for fan-service and, even then, they STILL mess it up coupled with some of the worst CG animation around makes for one of the worst anime I've ever seen. No words can express the distaste I had in my mouth I had after watching this and no shortage of critique can express how bad this show actually is. I couldn't even have a laugh at it, like I could with other bad titles like 'Mars of Destruction'. Don't watch it. Curiosity killed the fucking cat!