Sep 4, 2016
JoshuaJones16 (All reviews)
Well seeing the fact that I am big ass Persona fan and it is the only game I am hyped for besides Pokemon Sun and Moon, I decided to review the special. This is covering the anime for the new 5th installment (not counting Golden, FES, Persona 3 portable and the other spinoffs) in the Persona franchise which I love almost as much as I do Pokemon

For those that don't know this is basically the special to showcase the gist of the new Persona 5 game WHICH YOU SHOULD ALL BUY!

.....Kidding Kidding. I'm kidding don't take it seriously....Well don't take 30% seriously.....Moving On!

anyway back on point this is basically showing what the new group of protagonist in the Persona series will be doing in the game and honestly it alright. It's nothing stellar or groundbreaking, but it is worth a watch if you want to get more hyped.

The story is alright but nothing great. It's is really just showing the kinda of stuff that will likely go on in the game and was just made to showcase it. The animation and character designs are pretty good for a special and the sound is alright. Characters were....alright but they'll likely be better in the game next year.

Honestly I enjoyed this a lot. It got me more hyped for the game then I was before and I was pretty f'ing hyped. Anyway it's a worth a watch, hopefully any body that reads this reviews decides to watch and hopefully enjoys it. I also hope they make an anime series or do the movies with this thing when the game is released like they did with Persona 3 and Persona 4.

With that being said I am out people. Peace