Sep 3, 2016
camay1997 (All reviews)
"Only real men can understand stuff like this."
Ah yes, the reason why I tend to watch ANYTHING with the name Leiji Matsumoto attached. Let me first say that my five star rating is biased as I have happy childhood memories attached to this property and it was great to finish it after 30 years. What more could we want than the stoic badass known as Captain Harlock sailing the sea of stars fight evil and injustice with only his guts, moxie, and wits. For 36 years the space pirate has inspired hope and instilled fear in a universe corrupt with hedonism and sloth. And here is where you get to see the birth of it all, this is what inspired sequel and spinoff after sequel and spin off and rightly so! How could this series end, and not leave you wanting more? Has any show been more inspirational to anime than Harlock? When I watch this show, I'm five years old again watching my dream unfold. So much so I can barely write a coherent review. I want to put, "WATCH IT IT'S GREAT!!! WATCH IT IT'S GREAT!!!" a thousand times and call it a review. but for the benefit of those who've never encountered Harlock I'll try harder.
It's about fighting with honor and conviction, for what you believe in; about taking up the reins of destiny yourself, answering to no one. Yes, I love it so much because I dream of being Captain Harlock. I wish for such as his. Now excuse me while I sip some (beer) and stare longingly at the sea of stars. "The sea of stars shall be our home, our only home!"