Sep 3, 2016
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As always Shoji Meguro has done a wonderful job composing. With his music playing, during well-directed - yet lacklusterly animated - scenes, I couldn't take my eyes off of the screen. Even if you aren't interested in Persona, I'd suggest to just watch this for that fight scene.
This special doesn't serve as much more than an introduction for a videogame - Persona 5, as you might have guessed - and logically we don't get a deep, nor resolved plot (we only see a short subplot). While the setting and themes are really interesting, the story (of the special) isn't much new. However, within 24 minutes it does a good job establishing the characters - again, without too much depth.

It definitely did what it was supposed to do: hype me up for Persona 5, which is coming out on February 14th in the west. The only lover I need, is whatever character the Lovers arcana will be assigned to.