Sep 2, 2016
princeofprinces (All reviews)

The story itself was fun to read along. The pacing is great, and the mysterious are enjoyable.


I love the art style, it's unique! Not only with character art, but the art of buildings and whatnot is very well done.


A cast FULL of LGBT characters, that are well written, enjoyable, and interesting. Transgender characters represented well (despite a few overly-sexual-nude images but that didn't bother me much, and I'm transgender).

If you're looking for a manga with great LGBT representation, then this is the one you'd like to read. Not only does it represent the characters well, but makes it CLEAR that LGBT individuals are just like everyone else.

The villain is absolutely disgusting, but absolutely encapsulating. The main cast has a wonderful dynamic with eachother and other characters.


I read it all in one day, I couldn't get enough.