Sep 1, 2016
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Up until lately, I have been out of anime to watch. Much to my surprise, being a very big fan of this medium, I thought to myself that, maybe, it was time to quit. With my national exams coming, it would have been easier for me to focus on them. Few days later, I found out that I still needed my daily dose of anniemays and mangoes and manhwuoes and whatever, had it become a habit to watch much coming from this medium. Much to my serendipity, I was able to find a masterpiece that was able to bring me back to this medium. That being a masterpiece in both directorial and emotional prowess, Cipher.

This ineffable experience managed to bring many fortunities about. On the one hand, a music video of only 40 minutes, on another one that managed to utilize airing time to its fullest. The directing being incredibly digestible, I was wondering about whether gods really exist in this world, ones that makes such perfect works to bestow us pitiful humans with. The close-ups, the further-aways, the camera shots in general were captured with elegance and eloquence, supporting the credibility of old shows. An episode that should be up there with Legend of the Galactic Heroes and Rose of Versailles, in the hall of fame, in the avant-garde collection of meaningful canvasses that this industry has produced in its quite early years.

Of course, I would not be able to skip on talking about the soundtrack, which is the main merit of this ephemeral journey. All the songs, I mean it, all of them, are tremendously well-done, Phil Collins included in the palette. Holy mother of god was the transition between them magnificent as well. I am left with no words, as the sound section triggers a sonorous sound into my soul, one that is truly admirable.

The art section is yet another great addition to this work of art, incredibly clean and definitely not boring to look at, with detailed character designs that surpass the likes of Yoshitoshi ABe. The animation is so fluent and so addictive, and it hurts my soul, because it manages to throw sand on the faces of Gunbuster, Akira, Ghost in the Shell and Area 88. Undoubtedly a galore of colourful, vibrant artistic means, including the so sentimental looks that our characters' eyes have.

Additionally, our characters manage to shine throughout the series, all of them, even the side characters, being equally important. Home to impeccable dialogue and narrative, including that all around spectacular scene where our main character speaks with a man of old age about many difficulties of life, Cipher manages to strike my heart chords with subtlety. The moments between the two brothers are touching and full of meaning as well.

I will be looking forward to the hit manga series that is homage to this incredible short watch, which as I've been informed, is even greater than it. There is a comment I found in a YouTube section that indicates so:

"Actually: IT'S FREAKIN AMAZING AND BEAUTIFUL MANGA. And another one: YOU SHOULD READ IT, IF YOU DON''T WANT TO WASTE YOUR LIFE. Seriously. One of the best manga I've ever read, talking about love, hate, lonliness, drugs, envy, betrayal, death and the most of all: forgiveness. Beggining is happy and kinda childlish. Then very sad and mature for a certain time, but at the end it's really touching and heart-warming story about life. Simply masterpiece for me. Oh, and you better Google it to look how beautiful it is. Old mangas ftw~
Now read it. GO! It's your next quest!"

I was moved by how dedicated this person is towards this incredible work! Such detail with such a succinc manner! It definitely will be my next quest, in this long yet tiring yet full of credit journey that this medium has given me! I am pat patting for it!

Check out this masterpiece please. It should not be missed by anyone. Cipher will be performed as an opera on the holodecks of the ships that disperse us into the heavens! We were really just clothed monkeys until it allowed us to transcend our animalism! I shall sing its praises to all that shall come forth and be enlightened!