Jan 30, 2010
Colonelfancy (All reviews)
Well, I'm pretty certain that I have found the most useless anime sequel I've ever watched. The first Jubei Chan story wasn't spectacular, but it's approach was kind of cool, the humor was pretty good, filled with lots of jokes that break the third wall, bright character designs, and some really cool battles. Jubei Chan 2 is almost the exact, same show with the same premise, trying nothing at all new and completely wasting the viewer's time!
STORY: (4) Just a pathetic rehash of the first story, except that this time, someone else has shown up with a lovely eye patch and is claiming to be the real Yagyuu Jubei successor. Okay, this here just whizzes what was already established in the first story of Jubei's successor had to have "plump, bouncy, bon bons", which was never brought up at all in this series. Outside of the mysterious, patch-wearing imposter, it's pretty much thirteen episodes of this:
Someone: Miss Jiyu, please fight! You're the only one!
Jiyu: I don't want to! I'm Jiyu!
Someone Else: Miss Jubei, you have to fight! Put on the eye patch!
Jiyu: I don't want to! I'm Jiyu!
Another Person Bleeding: Miss Jubei, I'm dying! Fight that person!
Jiyu: I don't want to! I'm Jiyu!
There's way too many flashbacks to same scenes to the point that nothing gets established and gets marred in medicority. They don't answer anything that you don't already know and pad the show for at least four of the thirteen episodes. There's just a lot of stuff in this plot that doesn't make any sense or really gets fleshed out.
ART (8): The character designs are still very good, and the backgrounds are nice and colorful. Some of the new characters like Freesia look adorable, but uninspired compared to Jiyu or Mikage. The battles still look nice, but have regressed into over-the-top, explosive battles as opposed to the solid kitana duels that the first series focused on, as well as these fights are too far and few in between to enjoy.
SOUND (5): The English dub isn't too good, but I've heared worse. My problem is that the voice cast was changed from the Bandai dub to Geneon. Jiyu sounds like she's 21, and the comic relief characters are incredibly grating. Only Mikage sounds really good and expresses genuine emotion in her voice. Freesia has a decent dynamic going of displaying two personalities at times, but sadly this is never really played into as much as you think it would.
CHARACTER (3): Nothing good here. At all. Jiyu herself is a selfish, shallow lead who has not progressed from the first story, resorting to the same spoiled little brat that I grew to hate intially. She never takes the severity of the situation at hand and the fact that Mikage, for the second time, puts herself in danger for Jiyu. Her father Sai is probably the star of this series, going through the most character development than anyone else and is one of the few bright aspects of the show, but this is overlooked constantly. Mikage, who I've mentioned several times, is still awesome, and is the only other person next to Sai who I enjoyed.
Freesia could've been a nice antagonist, but doesn't quite live up to the standard and just turns out to be a mild nuisance who Jiyu eventually battles with. She's nowhere near as intimidating as Hajime from the first series and her only selling point is to offer PG-rated fan service. Her goal is to make Jiyu suffer, but I was thinking "why not kidnap the father and hold his life at stake for a duel?". There is so much more they could've done with her, but her backstory makes no sense and you don't feel any real hatred from her. Just way too underdeveloped.
AND NO KOINOSUKE! Easily the best character from the first series has been replaced by his boring daughter!? He was the heart of the first series and you get rid of him? Why does his daughter have the eyepatch? Why is she trying to give it to Jiyu instead of him?! It makes no sense!! You killed the franchise! Thank you!
ENJOYMENT (3): It's surprising just how boring this show is and that's what makes it so bad. There's just no reason to care for anything,ANYTHING, that's happening. The plot makes no sense, the villian is stock, the comedy is not funny, and for thirteen episodes, it feels like it goes on forever.
OVERALL (4): If you're a fan of the first Jubei Chan, you might be very disappointed with this lackluster sequel. Nothing about it is better than the first.