Aug 31, 2016
Lawlz117 (All reviews)
Can I ask who made this garbage because honestly this anime is almost as comparable to being as bad as SWORD ART ONLINE, like you seriously must have fucked up which studio mades this?!?!?! (Finds out A-1 pictures made) Oh now it makes senses.

Story: This show has an interesting hook to start with and I have to admit I was interested for about 5 episode but after that I have to say it got horrendously bad after that. The director was relying on the hook so much that he put no thought into characters or the mystery element. I got so bored after 5 episodes that it was like going through a 24 hour video and being forced to watch it and do nothing else, nothing cool or awesome happened since the main character is as smart as the adventure protagonist and not as smart as the protagonist he should be for a mystery genre. I got so annoyed with everything that happened with the story I was considering giving the show a one but I didn't for other reasons.

Characters: I can't say much about the characters because all I know about them is their archetype and a little bit of backstory presented with them. They do some really stupid things but that's all I have to mention about them. Also I can't say I feel anything about the characters since their written horribly.

Art: The graphics are pretty well done and the animation is above average.

Sound: The music is awesome and pretty enjoyable to listen to and the director did a great job fitting the soundtrack into scenarios to make the scene more intense.

Erased is just an awful mystery serious that has three major things that keep the 12-year olds liking the show, which are the premises, art and music and that's it. (I apologize just in case you're above 12 and can recognize the flaws with this show.