Aug 31, 2016
Sidewinder51 (All reviews)
This anime was hard for me to give a fair review for. I settled on 4. Note i am not a horror buff, i do have a weak stomach one could say but i would give it a higher ranking if it met my beliefs like a 8-10 if i was terrified the next day, for example.

Pros and cons

The reason why it was titled was answered... Better clay animation then i could ever do but let it be known i have never attempted clay animation.

-the titled ruin the small surprise.
- not much of an intro
- character development sub-par at best
-not the slightest bit happy with the english title... doesn't it seem like an incomplete sentence to you? Sticking with the same words i think it would have been better with: dead maid,Dead made maid(yes, this does seem a bit wonky but i found it funny)... well you get the idea.

in a sentence for a review: I bet this will make you rethink clay!