Aug 30, 2016
JaraIceKnight (All reviews)
It's not an ending for the series, is only another special, i'm disappointed about that.
-Story: (6/10)
The story of the chapter and the philosohpy is not bad at all, but some previous chapters were a lot better and more emotional.
The characters that appears (aside Ginko) are not so charimastic as others from previous episodes and don't transmit so much than others. I liked the fact that in this film Ginko looked more worried about the other character than in previous chapters.
-Art: (10/10)
The art is amazing as always, with beautiful nature landscapes such as forests and mountains. The animation is very colorful and fluent.
-Sound: (10/10)
The seiyuus made a great work, giving a lot of personality to the characters. The OST as always in Mushishi fits perfectly with the natural and psychological atmosphere with very beautiful tracks.
-Enjoyment: (8/10)
Even it's length is not very thought-provoking. The 46 minutes of length goes pretty quick.