Aug 29, 2016
Kadrian (All reviews)
My first view of AC(assassination classroom) was that the main character was too kiddy like. But after several pushes from my friends, I finally decided to give it a try. True, the main character might look girlish, weak and elementary school, he is actually very strong.
The plot is simply amazing and fulfilling all aspects that I enjoy watching. They were very detailed and the jokes/comedy moments softened the serious moments, making it even more enjoyable.
The Art is splendid, so if you are getting tired of finding anime with art like One Piece(no offense), you can try this.
The character development is also fascinating. It is neatly done and there aren't really any holes in them.
So all in all, I am giving this a ten! Plus, it has a second season so I didn't have to go anime hunting that soon after the first season.
So if you are not sure or on the edge, just trust me and give the first few episodes a try. You will enjoy it if you like Mystery, Action, and Fights. Or Highschool settings.