Aug 28, 2016
Lawlz117 (All reviews)
I'm gonna start by saying I was planning to drop the show at around episode 8 but i wanted to finish 100 animes before my birthday so I soilder on and finished this medicore crap

Noragami is basically a mash up of soul eater and blue exorcist (Except it's a lot worse than that and actually quite insulting to compare it to them) It's starts strong with a decent hook that'll have you enjoying the show for about 5 episodes but after those episodes you start to realize nothing cool or awesome will happen for awhile until the characters fix their drama and their major differences. I really hate how stupid the main characters are, Hiyori doesn't take any responsibility for her actions which is more the directors fault in a way because the way she's written is so poorly done that she comes off as an idiot most of the time but she has moments where she's actually very intelligent (MAKE UP YOUR MIND DIRECTOR). She's also just there so the story has someone to explain the world to you which just leads to 3 minutes of exposition which is really boring. Sekki (I forgot his name because he's the worst of the MC's) is one of the most poorly written characters ever that almost no one compares to him, he starts out kind of accepting to be yato's weapon and doesn't seem to have much of a problem with it but later on his starts to do sinful things and that's where it goes downhill because he's completely oblivious to what he's doing to yato EVEN THOUGH HE CAN SEE HE'S IN PAIN BUT HE DOESENT DO ANYTHING BECAUSE HE DOESENT LIKE HIM?!?! WHAT!!!! We know for a fact that Sekki knows that if yato dies or banishes him from being Yato's weapon he knows he has to look for a new master. Shouldn't it be common sense for Seeki to know that if he kills or hurts a God that no other God will want him, but who cares I'm dwelling too much on him all you need to know is that he's an awful character with barely any thought put into him.

The way the world works is so inconsistent that it hurst whenever I think about it, one example is the rule where gods and divine instruments aren't invisible but just hard to see rule. Throughout the show we see yato and sekki do things that have normal people noticing something odd is happening. Now the problem is that these two characters do a crazy amount of things that people do notice but don't see them for example sekki steals, kicks windows, rides on a skateboard in front of people and yato eats in front of others. JUST HOW MUCH DO THEY NEED TO DO FOR SOMEONE TO SEE THEM?!?!

Overall norgami has good graphics, action scenes and a decent premises just the characters ruin the whole show and are so boring that I rather watch sao than watch this show and that says a lot (I still think this show is better than sao but sao is bad enough to make fun of and this is bad enough where it isn't funny to make fun of it) my score to this show is 5/10