Aug 28, 2016
Lawlz117 (All reviews)
I can't believe I'm saying this but season 2 is better then season one, they basically fixed most of the problems critics had in season 1 and tried they're hardest to fix the obvious mistakes. It's still bad though, the story is super generic and horribly written and the action scenes aren't well choreographed but it's better than the season 1 action scenes. All the characters are bad but at least they fixed the problem with saya where she's actually useful to the plot and if she didn't exist somethings would change in the story (unlike the way she was introduced in season 1) I still think that ayato is overpowered but guess what the creators realized this and actually had characters over power him through out the tournament arc. The music is bad and baseless and I go really bored super fast as the story went on.

So the series has turned from the worst shit ever to more tolerable shit