Aug 26, 2016
Lawlz117 (All reviews)
Now let me start with that this is going to be kind of long and if you're inpatient you probably won't finish this review and also if you're sensitive to criticism of your favourite show STOP READING

Story (What story?): The story is very generic and has trouble explain things without an exposition dump that last for 2-5 minutes and most things in the world aren't explained like the drag rides. The drag rides are never explained on how they work, all you know is that they can be summoned by a sword device (So are the sword devices made or can they be found throughout the world and bought at stores, they never explain how someone gets one or how they summon a drag ride). Also why didn't they explain what the world was like, all we know is that there are knights who use machines they fight in tournaments and war. They could've at least showed how this world is different then ours culturally. Other then that the story is fine and I don't have too much of a problem with.

Characters: Lux is a fine harem protagonist and I think they did a good job explain his motives and why he's so kind to people, but I don't like how overpowered he is because that just takes away all the tension in the show
The girl characters are all walking cliches with no personality other then their archetype and a little bit of backstory they is mostly pointless because most of the backstory feels like it's there to fill in space that the director had no idea how to fill in with the main story. I also don't understand why they like Lux, just because he's nice and cute. I'm sorry that doesn't it cut it for a relationship, most people i know don't love someone just because that person is cute or nice they love that person because they know that you can trust them and have fun with them because you know he/she have something in common so then they can enjoy spending time together even more. (Don't say that being a drag-knight is something in common for the girls and Lux)

Animation: The animation is fine usually it's that the action scenes are mostly just flashing lights and fast moving objects to make the action scene really intense but really its a way for the director to trick little kids into thinking something is cool looking and awesome.

Final thoughts: The Undefeated Bahamut chronicles is just another lack lustre anime that is able to trick it's audience by doing things that appeal to people that like harem/action shows and actually disappoints me because I actually thought people would realize the flaws in something as bad as this, But you can like whatever show you want and I'm just here to explain why I think it's garbage. So I give this show a 3/10

If I've made a mistake when I wrote this, please point it out so I can fix it and adjust my thoughts on the show