Jan 28, 2010
SakuraForever (All reviews)
I know many of you probably decided to watch this OVA after seeing the popular "Casshern Sins" anime, so here I'll be discussing on why you should or should not watch "Casshan: Robot Hunter." Yes, it is the same Casshern from "Neo-Human Casshern" an anime series from about 1973. The OVA was intended to be 4 epds, however, it was edited into one action pack film via its American release. Recognizable faces are still of some familiarity in this OVA, however, you'll begin to noticing different aspects towards character development. Also, I believe that this OVA closely resembles "Neo Human Casshern" and not "Casshern Sins." There are little signs of humankind in Casshern Sins, so I have a theory that maybe CSins is its own story. Luna is seen differently in CSins as some godlike entity, while in this OVA she is but a mere human lead.

CRH story is about a boy named Tetsuya Azuma, he and family envisioned a world where machines called "NEOROIDS" help civilizations ecological state. The man known as Dr. Azuma, Tetsuya's father, creates a powerful Neoroid called Andriod BK-1 (or known as Andriod Black King-1). BK1 closely resembles CSins "Braiking Boss" - it could in fact be the same machine. Andriod BK-1 begins to learn of ways far beyond that of measure, and in turn sees humanity as a primary reason to why he was created. That aspect, in turn, makes him subjective to rid all of mankind for good (for he see's NEOROIDS as the superior benefactor). He kills the Azuma family, and assumes power over all of what Dr. Azuma had created. In turn, he rules over most of the world with powerful armies of NEOROIDS that can atk in different ways.

Tetsuya survives one of BK-1's onslaughts, but must bond with a suit that gives him superior strength and speed. He loses certain human organism/aspects that keeps us human and becomes Casshan, earth's last best hope from BK-1. His dog, lucky, is also turned into NEOROID better known as Friender. In this OVA, as I mentioned, Luna is a human girl that works with militias in order to stop the NEOROIDS. At this point, it is Casshan that is the "godlike" entity and not her. Though she recognizes Casshan as Tetsuya whom from when she had known before he had even became "Casshan."

This OVA was centered in the mid 90s, so however the viewer see's it as a good or bad thing is but a preference. I will say though, that the actions scenes and fights in this OVA are simply incredible for its time. There were fights where I was extremely impressed by the visuals and presentation. Certain themes are catchy, but overall most of them sound pretty bland and plain. Many times in this OVA you'll be wondering when is the next Casshan fight, and become bored with necessary story development that takes place throughout the OVA. If you are familiar with NHC, then this problem is extremely noticable because you'll already have a jump start to what CHR is about.

Coming off CSins and jumping into this one is not recommended. Overall, I would suggest starting with NHC and working your way up from there. Fans of Casshan(Casshern, etc.) will see this as a must have, others will probably watch it once and forget all about it. It doesn't have the re-watchable intangibles CSins has, but again very solid action scenes.