Aug 22, 2016
SkyC_12 (All reviews)
This series needs more love. It seems like a cliché "honor student likes delinquent" story but it's so much more than that.

Story: What I really liked was how their relationship slowly built up, from strangers who have to sit at the library fron desk for a few weeks, to friends, to lovers. It's extremely realistic and adorable.
Sometimes the pacing was a bit tough to follow but what's no to love with a relationship between two boys, polar opposites, yet they both like reading?

Characters: the absolute selling point, they are funny, realistic, relatable... The two mains really shine, as they show the complexities of young love and accepting one's orientation as well a good portrayal of 1s time hooking up with someone.
The side characers, although there weren't many, were quite enjoyable as well.

Art: I liked it a lot, simple and elegant. Sometimes a little lacking but it did the job very very well.

Overall I can say I loved it, it's only my 2nd review on MAL but for me this one definely deserved one more. It's an excellent read and currently among my favorites in the genre.
I already wanna read it again.