Aug 20, 2016
trashonthecurb (All reviews)
This is the very believable and realistic story of a young man having to choose a bride out of a group of four sisters — who all love him. They thankfully, or sadly depending on your fetish, aren’t his sisters. A situation that many can relate to, I’m sure. It’s a sweet deal, to say the least.

And Ane Yome Quartet is a sweet show in general. In a genre and medium filled with NTR and rape, a sweet vanilla show like this is a ray of sunshine. A sweet slice of unrealistic life… with fucking.

And it isn’t just a ray of sunshine in terms of themes and story–visually it’s a darling too. A charming art style, which is mature when it needs to be and cute when it needs to be, and animation which is slightly better than expected. Even if it is awkward in some places, the way the scenes and movement of character is animated feels… natural. Although it does take a slight downfall in the second episode, sadly.

The pacing is a little slow, but the sex scenes never feel drawn out or static. It definitely falls into the same ‘characters narrate what they are doing as they fuck’ hole that so many other hentai fall down, but it has enough interesting animation and cinematography for it to feel fresh.

If you’re looking to get away from the more hardcore dark themed hentai, and enjoy something cute and sweet, this is highly recommended.

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