Aug 18, 2016
MoeBlargus (All reviews)
This short was made by a few animators from the Under The Dog franchise that had too much time on their hands, and is basically the product of their doodles and what I can only imagine to be one of the new guys playing with the soundboard. That said, it was made for fun, and not intended to be either a high-quality or serious production.

The reason I enjoyed it it because I looked up the youtube video, and saw what the creators had to say; the short was made at its animators expense, and not using any of the money that their Kickstarter campaign had generated. This was a small part of their ongoing struggle to raise enough hype/money/interest to make a full-length season, of which the OVA released earlier in August, was just the first episode.

In sum, this short is purely for fun, and I hope any of you who watch it enjoy it as such.