Aug 15, 2016
Darmaiad (All reviews)
This two-volume manga is a prequel to the excellent Litchi Hikari Club (2005). The first volume follows the 9 boys' lives before the nightmare begins. The second volume offers insight for the events that take place in the first one third of the original.

If someone wants a pithy edict, it is this: Not only this manga offers nothing, but it can conceivably inflict harm upon the original, therefore it should remain in obscurity. For the doubters' sake I will elaborate.

Litchi Hikari Club demands its reader to suspend disbelief, it demands amounts of disbelief I usually abstain from mustering. But, in order to convince us, it provides a hellish atmosphere, filled with Grand Guignol delights, and quickly succeeds to drag us inside its maliciousness. Instead, Bokura no Hikari Club -while not shying from showing gore, or boy flesh- tries to shed light in the boys' characters, motives, and actions. A noble purpose most of the time, but this is a most dark of stories; it does not need the light, its rays will only manage to dispel the bleak illusion and call attention to the improbabilities of the story. I have to say the second volume of the manga is at greater fault than the first, since it runs in parallel with the main story.

Based on the above, under no circumstances you should read this manga first. It will spoil the original's greatness. If you like dark, graphic stories, then please read the original. And that's about it. I don't see any reason to continue with this one. OK, maybe if you absolutely loved the original and you want some more time with the boys, you can read this one, but still, in my opinion, you are better off re-reading the original. To be fair, before I end this review I also have to say that the art work is very good and it has a couple of powerful scenes. 3.5/10.