Aug 11, 2016
Broncattus (All reviews)
C-Sword/Cornett (Manga) (finished)

Final thoughts?


1. Too many characters are introduced in the latter half of the story through connections with the side characters as opposed to the main protags/Antags, which leads me to not care as much for what’s going on as these characters then have little to no gravity to the plot/story and I really fell out of love with this manga consequently around the late 30s early 40s chapters (there are 51 chapters in this manga)

2. Every so often throughout the manga, at the introduction of a new scene (a scene change) there would be this rectangle in one of the top corners of the page (Ex. NEU FAUVRILLE, EAST SIDE OF TOWN). This had text in it to signify the setting of where the scene was, but this rectangle was inconsistently used, unfortunately. Now, I don’t need a rectangle to tell me of a scene change, I can tell by other cues, but then just get rid of the rectangle if that’s the case. I would’ve liked it to be consistent- used for every scene change. Instead, it did a lazy/lousy job, only coming in every few scenes.
Scenes would change without this rectangle and I’d have to tell by the other cues that we weren’t in Kansas anymore, Todo…

3. The story wasn’t anything original. This isn’t to say that unoriginal stories are particularly bad per say, but when the thoughts that a reader has when opening up the pages are “I’ve been here before”, then that isn’t very compelling. It’s why so many people I know have fallen out of love with a lot of the marvel/DC movies as of late- it’s the same shlock. This story starts off with an illegitimate son of some royal king being caught up in political upheaval and taking his own reigns in the story. There is also another race of people who are dehumanized and thought of to be evil that the royal families and royal citizens of the main town of the story despise. The main character has long black hair and has a younger sister who is a bit naive and too optimistic as she is then more connected to the royal family as opposed to her half-brother. Sound familiar?Yeah. Code Geass… and possibly many other stories.

I give this manga a 5 (or if we going by the average of the scores I've given uptop, then it is a 6.8) and I’m as disappointed as anyone else is who probably liked this work. Seeing how it only got 1,000+ ratings from people on here, I was interested in its underrated and/or underdogged reception. However, I can sadly see why it hasn’t broken its barriers of being unheard of and that it is in fact not a hidden gem.