Aug 9, 2016
Kadrian (All reviews)
This is probably the only anime that I have ever watched and enjoyed to the maximum with a confusing plot. In the end, you might asked yourself, 'why did this particular thing happened? What does it do to affect the plot?' A lot of unanswerable question yet the show is still fascinatingly interesting and wonderful.
With a likable Main Character that had the eye of the all seeing god, he was the center of the attention.
To all the fangirls out there, you might called the caring relationship between the people in the agency and Leonardo Bromance. Well, not technically, unless you started putting people on ships and sailing them(haha).
To all the fanboys(is that a word?) out there, you will be capitivated by the awesome action scenes and the deep bond between the main character and the agency.

Too bad that the season 2 of Kekkai Sensen isn'g coming out any time soon. There are always those anime that are like 'We are going to make an awesome season 1 and not do a season 2'...Just what is wrong with the anime world?

This anime will definitely be worth your time if you enjoy action, comedy, supernatural anime! There aren't a lot of romance in this anime in case you are wondering but that only make the anime even more fascinating without weak girl popping up everywhere randomly. I mean, we all blame the girl when she got kidnapped and resulted in the awesome Main Character falling in dangers, right?
Plus, romance will only make this already awesome to the max anime become annoying and below average.

Well, peace out and DO try this anime! I promise it will be worth your time!