Aug 8, 2016
Inorichi (All reviews)
Overall: 7
This movie was fine all in all, very sunrise style I guess you could say. There was a lot of re-cap as the other review claims, however there is more than enough original content to split it evenly. Definitely not worthwhile watching in theaters due to the recap though, sorry Sunrise.

Story: 6
Discluding the re-cap the story for this movie was fine, and although it did lack character depth, the story worked out none the less. The original content in the movie was not long enough to be an entire arc, nor was it short enough to be an OVA, so it was more of an Extra Part for those who wanted to see more of Accel World. Unfortunately, it will make absolutely no sense unless you read the novels, which is quite unfortunate.

Art: 9
Good art, animation, colors, and settings. All expected of sunrise, especially with the robotic/mecha-ish aspect of Accel World since it's right down sunrise's lane. The lack of blatant and obvious CG makes this quite nice.

Sound: 8
New OST is introduced, and they do make good use of the old ost's. Rather steady use of sounds and ost so the movie does well there.

Character: 6
This is where I will be explaining the lows of the movie. The character this movie essentially revolves around lacks any depth. This seems to be Reki Kawahara's flaw as he does excellent depth with the main character(s) but completely skips out or skims other characters.

Enjoyment: 7
Personally, I could not get one of those awesome Kuroyukihime Movie Tickets but I was able to enjoy the movie, without being put through 30 minutes of pointless and terrible recap as this was the fastest I've ever seen an anime movie pirated. So I was able to skip the 30-40 minutes of re-cap and enjoy another 40 minutes of new content, which is what I highly recommend you do to get the most out of this movie.