Jan 22, 2010
ralphy0103 (All reviews)
Memories of Emanon (1 Volume/9 Chapters)

Its hard to find the words that accurately express just how wonderfully magnificent Memories of Emanon actually is. The story in its entirety was astoundingly articulate, ravishingly studious, and enigmatically captivating. Kenji Tsuruta conveys pure artistic endearment in brilliant fashion throughout this fabulous publication.

What would you do if you had a three billion year old memory? Would you melancholically reminiscence over past experiences, would you nostalgically ponder the meaning of life, or would you stand idle by and simply observe as time passes? I was fascinated with this wondrous tale that encompasses beauty in the truest sense of the word.

Emanon as a character holds a genuine place in my heart, she quickly became one of the most endearing and mysterious characters ever set in a short serialization. One important aspect to note about this piece is the way Kenji brilliantly illustrated the masterpiece that is Memories of Emanon. I don't think I could ever properly convey my feelings on just how magnificent this working piece of fiction was in its entirety.

Rating: 10/10