Aug 4, 2016
Kadrian (All reviews)
The anime was soo good! At first, I thought there won't be romance. Then later on, there really is romance but little of it. That I appreciated very much. Though the female characters of this anime can sometimes be annoying, okay, very annoying, but the male characters actually masked it, sorta.

Story: 10
The plot and the tragic events are so well thought. There aren't any plot holes and I enjoyed watching as the Sphinx plotted their next bomb.

Art: 10
The artwork is really awesome. The male characters are drawn so beautiful and even their bombing scenes are just so awesomely awesome!

Can't really complain about the sound. I mean, there aren't much to say about it, are there?

Character: 9
Like I said, some of the female character are a bit annoying in the anime. Like how they faint just randomly everywhere and anywhere. But the male characters are all very cool and calm. They have super hacker skills and are the genius among the geniuses.

Enjoyment: 10
The anime is overall very enchanting. With very cool action scenes and detective moments that I enjoyed watching about. I would have given it a eleven, but no, the highest is ten. ^ ^

Overall: 10

Well, all in all, this anime is a must watch for anime fans out there that are just tired of the harem and highschool squealing fangirl club. It is a very sad yet realistic anime at the same time. Please do give it a try if you enjoy action and detectives stories!