Jan 21, 2010
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Moderator Edit: This review contains spoilers.

Toradora!= Another normal romance/drama anime involving high school...We had many anime of this kind. In fact, these type of anime are very common nowadays. I had watched this type many times, but mostly ended up so wrongly.

But this time, Toradora! is done the right way. Yup, I ended up loving this "normal" anime. Story involves two high-schoolers, a normal guy, and a short girl....Now where have I heard that from? Many anime had this kind of story. Yup, It kinda gives me feelings of Deja Vu-ness. This time its done the way I like it. On to the review....

Story- Involves a ordinary guy named Ryuuji Takasu and a short and short-tempered girl named Aisaka Taiga. This reminds of Saito and Louise from the Zero no Tsukaima series. Where the protagonist always gets beaten up by the girl, yeah those type. And more strangely, most of these short anime girls are always so strong or feared by many..thats Taiga a.k.a Palmtop Tiger. While Ryuuji only looks scary, but in reality, he's pretty harmless. OK~ enough of that...Why only a 7 for the story? Its pretty common..and its very predictable. I knew Ryuuji would end up with Taiga even just by looking at the cover art without watching the anime!. So obvious, so predictable, which makes it a bit boring. This flaw is common in many romance/drama anime, but its quite annoying. Story have a very good pace but it took quite a while for both of the hero and heroine to fall in love. Yup, they fell in love...but it took so long! But that's a good thing right? haahha- well~ those are the flaws I found here. Story= 7 out of 10.

Art- Graphics are rather unusual but very good..which I would say, Graphics are unique, that's for sure. Good graphics should receive a good score!
Art= 9 out of 10.

Sound- The anime had 2 OP and 2 ED...1st OP was...strange. Same goes for the 1st ED. But the 2nd? Both the 2nd OP and ED are both awesome~. The 2nd OP tells Ryuuji and Taiga's "love" arc is going to start. Don't get any wrong ideas. XD
Sound= 9 out of 10.

Character- All characters are uniquely made...Yup, especially Taiga and Minori. Minori had a very funny attitude which I loved. Awesome characters, awesome score.
Character= 10 out of 10.

Enjoyment- I enjoyed every single episode there was, some were very memorable but few are forgettable. I personally, enjoyed every minute of the anime which included comedy, parodies, romance, and some parts were very sad. Sad, but not as sad as Ef- Tale of memories. Toradora! can make you have "watery eyes", but Ef probably can make you cry. Beyond Awesome enjoyment.
Enjoyment= 10 out of 10.

Overall= Toradora! is not really recommended for everyone to watch, but Its highly recommended for fans of Romance/drama/comedy anime with a bit of sadness. If you bought it, its worth every penny. Anyone looking for some romance, then this could be your answer to that question. If you watch it online, its worth every minute and if you downloaded it, its worth every bits of data.
OVERALL= 10 out of 10. Really loved it.