Jan 21, 2010
Pyapi (All reviews)
Ai No DNA came to mind when I felt like reading a short series. This story is 6 chapters of yaoi smutness! :P

Story: (7)
Parents remarried, two siblings are reunited, not the most creative story. I do, however, love the concept of Miharu feeling Natsu's pain. It's something new, at least to me, and really allowed quite a few humorous moments. Like most romances, the story contains petty little fights between the two leads and such but all in all it's good.

Art: (8)
I liked the art! It was really simple and clean, with nice but simple backgrounds and all. The character designs were unique for the short cast of characters and gave them all individual features. The art style seemed to me like a blend with the 90s manga style with today's more sharp and skinny features.

Character: (7)
Short story, little character development. But that can't be helped, can it? The leads received most, if not all, the 6 chapters to themselves and were given some development. Still, you can pretty much sum it up with the stereotypical honor-student who's gorgeous and athletic as well as nice seme and the clumsy, feisty, innocent, and adorable uke. It's only got 6 chapters, don't expect too much!

Enjoyment: (9)
Short, simple, and a tad of romance. I read this in less than two hours and I'm satisfied. For 6 chapters, it did it's job of entertaining me before going to bed.

Overall: (7)
If you're looking for an extraordinary series with excellent character depth and romance, please look somewhere else. This is very light-hearted with average character depth and romance. I'd recommend this for a quick read, since it's really short and pretty enjoyable!