Aug 2, 2016
camay1997 (All reviews)
Some notable complaints about this show in other reviews are: it's one dimensional characters, paper thin story, lack of character development, by numbers, mediocre, run of the mill. You get the ideal. All these issues do exist and I'm aware of them. So by now you're wondering about the nine. It's because I DON'T CARE! This is exactly what I want! Hot mech on mech action without whiny teenagers! Following the curved line to the hot mech on mech action! First of all, the enemy is other humans, not monsters, or robots, or aliens, or demons, or lucifer hawks etc. but other people piloting the enemy mecha. There's not enough of this in anime. Characters are one dimensional, so much so that they only fill their roles with no deviation. And it's fine because they are a well oiled military machine working together for sometime. So this getting to know you process is reserved for new characters as it is in real life. The animation is sluggish in the first 12 episodes but they find their rhythm and style around this point. The character distinctiveness is rough in the start but as characters fulfill their roles their identities become clear. But I love how the 8th independent unit is mere pawns in this chess board of war. They can't single handedly win the war. The argevollen is not the last hope for winning this war, It's battles are part of the war as a whole.
There's nothing better than getting EXACTLY what you want in an anime and that's what I got here. war, mecha, human enemy, no whiny teens, a sense of the world they live in. I loved every second of this.