Aug 1, 2016
PatoMcBrain (All reviews)
Even though I enjoyed the beginning of the series quite a lot, I'd have to say that the end was very disappointing. Yuureitou starts as a good drama, with lots of mistery. It is written so well that at some point in the chapter you jump of your seat. However, there are little hints of what the story becomes: a fairy tale for trans with MANY MANY abuses of hentai. I'll be blunt: if someone wants to jack off during an exciting reading, I doubt they want to suddenly jump off because there was some freaking scary part in the manga. I didn't like the way the author combined certain topics. It would have been reading Tetsuo's development without seeing her in such sexy poses. I even think that it's offensive for women who want to become guys. But I'll just say there's a great drama in the story.