Aug 1, 2016
SendPie-San (All reviews)
This is the first time I'm making an anime review here on MyAnimeList. Overall the first episode is quite okay for an Otome anime adaptation. However, the perspective is on Komae instead of Asagi, as she is the Main Character of the original LN. Overall, the story is interesting with incremental plot on the REAL MC as the anime builds onto the Otome game story.

The artwork is pretty solid with nice backgrounds and the fine sceneries of Ryukyu. Character development is good with the first episode introducing all the characters (Without the REAL MC). During the time of this review I enjoy these first few episodes with the reminiscence of Power Ranger, Kamen Rider and Super Sentai.

Ultimately, an Anime with this kind of linear and un-teresting storytelling would fail BUT, this anime was from an OTOME. A dating-sim made for girls and women alike. The OTOME was fair but the adaption was just. I would not like to watch anymore of this anime.

It is just simply bland and colorless. IRONIC, as to the characters.