Jul 29, 2016
kalim432 (All reviews)
This is a 10/10 for each category.
The story was a prequel to my favorite anime:Free!.I loved how we got to explore their past selves and how they got to bound to be a team.The story was solid overall and the pacing was good.My feelings died completely after I passed 57 minutes when the so called feeling trains begun.It had a clear start,their middle was full of drama and struggle and it was taken out of our everyday life with the ending having the message that,a friend can get you through thick and thin.

The art was beautiful,something I appreciated always about the Free anime.

The music was very well executed and it was one of the few animes in which I actually paid attention to it,knowing from the previous two it is going to be great,OLD CODEX is really amazing at what they are doing.

The characters are really drawn from real life.My favorite is Makoto,a kind soul and a kid who struggled with finding his own identity and my heart broke when he and Haru became distant and I was melted at their pool scene and when Makoto panicked so bad when Haru fainted.He is the heart of the group and he keeps them all in check.Haru is the mysterious genius who feels cold at first,but once you know him you understand just how much he cares,in his own way,he showed Makoto who he was with a simple phrase which killed me yet again,he is the team's leader and their secret weapon.Asahi is one of the new characters introduced and he is the type that is up there on a stage and is very enthusiastic only to be brought to reality and be made to work harder for his goals,he was the motivation of the team.Ikuya was the silent one,the timid one,the one who tried to copy his role model to be as good or better than him and in doing so he tried to be noticed by a brother who pushed him away,he was I believe,the team's brain,always saying things how they were and his breaking scene broke me and shook me from inside.

If you want a beautifully shaped story,a great art and to cry from inside out until you dry yourself of tears then watch this.I really missed Free! and this brought back the wonderful anime that I remembered.