Jul 28, 2016
Alexandre174 (All reviews)
There are travel adventures, field trips, business trips. And still others. There are happy and unhappy trips. Travel that is enriched, travel in which one dies of homesickness. And there is this (...) "
"The Wonderful Journey of Nils Holgersson through Sweden," is really a journey, and it's really wonderful ...
The trip by Sweden Nils Holgersson, a boy, turned into gnome on the back of a goose did not resign himself to be a domestic animal.
An inner journey, the life of a cruel boy, spoiled and disobedient, which turns, grows and becomes able to sacrifice his happiness for others.
About this book Oscar Wilde said wryly: "No, a woman is not able to write well. The book was written in it. "
Really enjoyed…However, the book is great, beautiful, exciting and moving. The strangest passage Nils see wandering the streets of a city where all are beautifully dressed. They offer you riches in exchange for a single currency. He runs to find one, but when he returns, the city disappeared. A stork tells him that it was a city drowned by their greed: appears for one hour, once a year, and if someone buys something for a coin, you can return to reality. Nils, devastated that he can not save the city, bursts into tears. Child greed coincides with the city, and yet are not encouraged to despise, but to understand. The anime acclimated and very well done with their stories well acclimated and acclimated characters. It is of great privilege and grandeur by the pierrot adapt anime this wonderful book