Jul 26, 2016
eminemcome2syria (All reviews)
I went in with an open mind due to the mixed feedback and I can say this little mini-series was pretty good.

The story for each episode varies in quality but overall there was nothing overtly bad, completely serviceable Batman stories.

The cast was pretty standard Batman stuff. You had Batman, Alfred, Lucius Fox, the works. You also had some underappreciated Batman villains like Deadshot and Scarecrow mixed in there. The characterizations were pretty accurate and a fair chunk of the episodes had nice little character bits.

The art was pretty well done overall although I wish more of the bits were as visually interesting as the 1st episode, that was the best looking one of the bunch. Everything else was generic anime style, but still perfectly fine. On the last note for this section of the review, some of the fights were pretty kickass as expected from any animated DC movie.

The soundtrack was pretty generic in all honesty. While it wasn't really terrible it felt like royalty free action movie music was slapped on and felt like one of the weaker parts of the movie.

Overall, if you're a big fan of Batman or are just looking to be entertained for an hour you should check it out. However, not every episode is gonna be your cup of tea, just bear that in mind.