Jul 26, 2016
Melody (All reviews)
There are so many popular titles of sports anime already but, none of them has to do with cheerleading, a guys-only cheerleading, too. Does an anime that revolves around a male cheerleading team sound weird? Maybe, at first, but after just a few minutes in the anime, you can actually realize how interesting and refreshing it is!

In the beginning of Cheer Danshi!! we have the two main protagonists and childhood friends, Kazuma and Haruki, who decide to do something completely different from the ordinary, and obviously, they succeed. At first, there is the thought that it might be hard to get more members for their unusual club. As time passes though, they meet lots of new people, and the bunch is slowly growing.

Each character added has something special, they are quite realistic characters with likeable personalities. The focus on each of them could be a little more to make them more memorable, but most of them face some kind of problem, they all train hard in their own way while helping and encouraging each other, and have even shown great development in just a few episodes.

The show could be mostly described as a slice of life/drama/sports show since, it seems to focus more on the character interactions and development rather than the sport itself. We, sure, watch them training and discussing about cheerleading but, there could definitely be more focus on it and they could have shown us more of their cheerleading performances.

The art is fine but could be much better, the backgrounds and the colors used are both good and the character designs are nice, they make every character distinguishable while still looking normal with nothing too flashy to make them stand out too much. The animation is wonderful and really smooth when it comes to cheerleading stunts etc. but, it isn't always very satisfying.

The music is really pleasing as well, with an energetic and catchy OP and EP. The OST and the background music, also, fill the scenes nicely and the voice actors are doing a great job.

To conclude, Cheer Danshi!! is a really enjoyable and refreshing sports anime, with an interesting theme and nice bonds between its characters. It can be funny, light-hearted, a little serious and it may even make you see cheerleading from a different aspect, make you notice the hard training needed through different techniques and how important the trust between a team's members is.

There might be better sports anime but, if you like this kind of anime and you feel like watching something slightly different, interesting and refreshing, Cheer Danshi!! is worth a try!