Jul 26, 2016
Salokannel2 (All reviews)
Do you like lolis? Do you like Shoujo-Ai? Because if the answer to both of these is yes, you need to read this hilarious yet super-cute lolicon manga.

TL;DR at the bottom!

Also note that this is kind of a preview-review since at the time of writing only 3 chapters have been translated into english.

We are first introduced to one of our main characters, a normal 2nd year highschool girl named Mimika. At the first sight, she seems innocent but is actually a huge lolicon. After her introduction, we soon are introduced to our second main character, Yuzumori-san. She is a elementary schooler in her 4th grade. Yuzumori-san is cute, very captivating and a bit mysterious character at first glance which captures Mimikas attention at the first sight. This is how our story begins.

Yuzumori-san (the manga itself, not the character) is a comedic slice-of-life story about two girls getting to know eachother. The strong point of this manga is definitely it's humour so far.

The artstyle is very pleasant to eye and clean enough and the chapters aren't over long which makes the reading very easy. I love how the. Artist shifts between two or three different styles in chapters. One for the normal style which covers every normal scene where the characters either think or we are shown the background/city. Second being the cute style which is used when our main characters do something cute together, like eat ice cream and offer bites to eachother and stuff~. Last but not least the not-so-detailed, comedic artstyle which is used every now and then. It contrasts really well the cute parts.

Overall this easy-to-read, pleasant to eye, funny and cute at the same time -manga is a great readthrough if you are a fan of comedy and slice-of-life genres. I recommend this to everyone who enjoys a good romcom without much drama.