Jul 22, 2016
pmf96 (All reviews)
- Well this is meant to be a prequel to the new movie "One Piece Film: Gold" and to be honest i don't think that i need it.

-The Story is very simple. New girl appears and we are going into an adventure to find a piece of gold \o/
In the adventure, exists a villain called Mad Treasure (Horrible character btw) that will be trying to get to the gold before the StrawHats, while being in their way.

-I actually was pleasantly surprised with the art. Taking into account the anime series of One Piece that the art usually is really not that good :/ This special had some really beautiful art and fluid animation.

-The sound was very average, dont recall having something special about it, just the usually One Piece Soundtracks.

- The characters was what it really failed for me. I think that the only characters that it needs to be mentioned are the villain called "Mad Treasure", Olga and her father... and i really didn't enjoy any of these characters.

- The Villain was really bad. In the beginning the episode i remember that he said that he likes treasure hunting because of the excitement... and ended up using the StrawHat crew to pass the traps. Why? Because he is a villan and needs to be a bad person -,-''
- Olga was that generic character that appear from time to time, that in the beginning of the episode don't trust people and in the end of the episodeend up being friends with the StrawHats.
- Olga's father was a simple character.. Just there so that in the beginning of the episode Olga started with hating him and liking him in the end. (Never saw something similiar.. really original...)