Jul 21, 2016
Monteiro (All reviews)
This author has a thing for mahou shoujos and extremelly disgusting characters. I found Mahou Shoujo Site after reading Mahou Shoujo of the End. The similarities: a lot of gore, a twisted vision of mahou shoujos and one extremely disgusting character.

While MSotE relies a lot of on its very complicated plot and gore scenes (being a trully horror manga), MSSis all about the characters and their developments. The plot (at least so far) is a lot simplier and less dramatic and the characters are overall way more likeable. There is also way less gore. However, its very enigmatic as well. Why are they given the wands to become mahou shoujos? Whats the tempest really about? Why men can become mahou shoujos as well? Whats the real intentions behind the sites admins? And what are they?

The art style is decent. He know how to draw in cute way for cute moments, and how to change the style into something darker for the twisted moments. However, like in MSotE, he just cant draw a sexy woman body. They all look weird when waring more showing clothes, maybe its intentional.

It's an overall extremelly enjoyable manga. I've read all the currently available chapters in one go.If you're into darker stories and art ( i'm currently all about these), this manga is for you.