Jul 20, 2016
WhatDothLife (All reviews)
Ga no Iru Tokoro (A Place Where There Are Moths) is an interesting beast. The story revolves around urbanization and nature, with a middle-aged woman serving as the character we focus on, and her experience with the moths.

The art is photo-realistic...what seem to be animated portraits of things such as buildings, a pot, a middle-aged woman. The only exception lies with the moths, which seem unreal, not of the plane the woman exists in. I admire the odd art style and the decision to utilize it.

The sound is...fitting, but not without it's faults. The moths often use a small sound that could get irritating very quickly. However, this could be viewed as in line with the story, making it have a greater effect.

The characters are interesting, despite the brevity of the animation and the lack of introduction to them. There are only "two" characters, being the middle-aged woman and the moths. Evidenced by their environment, there is a clear struggle, a clear frustration between the woman and the moths. Urbanization and Nature are colliding, and it creates characters that seem fleshed out despite not being so at all.

Overall, I enjoyed this odd short film. While I am not inherently sure of its meaning, I can say the oddity of it and the surrealism it purveys is worth the watch.